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College Profiles

College Baseball Insights provides data-driven insights on every college baseball program in the country on one platform. Our College Search Tool contains college profiles for more than 1700 baseball programs from 2017 thru present spring season.

Player Distribution by State

  • How many players do they have on their roster?
  • Where are the players from?
  • Do they have players from your area on their roster?
  • Do they have a lot of players from one area or recruit all over?
  • Where are players historically from?

Player Distribution by Position

  • How many players do they have at each position?
  • Do they have a lot of upper-classmen returners at your position?
  • Will they have a positional need for you in your recruiting class?
  • What is the balance of right-handed hitters/pitchers versus left-handed hitters/pitchers?
  • Historically does the team have more upper or underclass at a particular position?

Team Roster Insights

  • How many players are leaving the program each year?
  • How many players are redshirting?
  • How many transfer students? Overall/JUCO?
  • How many players play in Collegiate Summer League? Top leagues?
  • NEW: Link to Coaches’ Directory (includes bios and contact info)
  • And more…


  • How many transfer players on roster?
  • How many 4yr vs 2yr transfers?
  • Where do they come from?
  • What positions do they fill?
MLB Draft

MLB Draft

  • How many players were drafted?
  • What round/pick, signing status, graduation class, signing bonus?
JUCO Pipeline

JUCO Pipeline

  • How many JUCO alumni are playing at 4 year colleges?
  • What division(s) have their players moved into?

Player Attrition (Turnover)


  • How many total Outgoing and Incoming Players?
  • What is the breakdown by position?

Outgoing Players

  • How many total Outgoing Players?
  • Why did they leave?

Outgoing Players by Position

  • What was the position of the outgoing players?

Incoming Players

  • How many total Incoming Players?
  • How many were transfers?

Incoming Players by Position

  • What was the position of the incoming players?

Historical Trend

  • Are there any Historical Trends for a team’s attrition (turnover) rates?

Team Performance

Conference Standings

Conference Standings

  • Win/Loss Record (Conference and Overall)
  • Link to Official Conference Website
Team Historical Results

Team Historical Results

  • What is the team’s conference and overall record for the last 5 years?
Team Win Loss Percentage

Team Win Loss Percentage

  • What is the team’s W/L Percentage compared to other teams in the conference?


EADA Report

EADA Report

  • What is the baseball team’s athletic participation, staffing, revenue & expenses?
Expense Allocation by Sport

Expense Allocation by Sport

  • What is the total budget allocated to sports programs?
  • How much do they spend on baseball compared to all athletics?
Baseball Financial History

Baseball Financial History

  • What are the baseball expenses 5 or 10 year historical trends?
  • What is the school’s ongoing financial commitment to its baseball program?
  • How does the budget impact Team Performance (Wins/Losses/Ties)?

About School

About School

General Information

  • What is the cost of attendance?
  • What are the living arrangements and costs?


  • What are the college admission guidelines?
  • What was the total number of applicants last year and what percentage were admitted?
School Map

School Map

  • Where is the school located?
  • What is nearby?
  • Link to College website
Programs and Majors

Programs & Majors

  • What Programs and Majors does the school offer?


Our insights provide a top down view of the college baseball landscape.

Team Roster Turnover Insights

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JUCO Pipeline Dashboard

What You Need To Know About JUCO
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State Participation Insights

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State Participation Report

State Participation

Imagine being able to answer where players from your state are playing.

Players by Division

Players by Division

Display top divisions from player’s hometown state.

Top 10 Conferences

Top 10 Conferences

Display Top 10 Conferences from player’s hometown state.

Distribution by Position

Distribution by Position

Display field position distribution for players matching criteria.

High School Participation Statistics

High School Participation Statistics

Display High School Participation Statistics

Advanced Filtering

Advanced Filtering

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