Release v2.0 – Turnover and JUCO Pipeline Insights

On November 8th 2021, College Baseball Insights released version 2.0.


Why is this release so important?



  • 2020 season cancelled
  • Student Athletes granted additional year of eligibility
  • Team Roster Management challenges
  • Player Attrition (Transfers) increased significantly

What should you look for?

  • Does school recruit transfers?  For what positions?
  • What is the annual team roster turnover by position?
  • What is the JUCO Pipeline to 4 year schools?


Release v2.0 Features



Transfer Details

Detailed Information for Transferred Players

  • Player Name
  • Transfer from School
  • Position
  • Graduation Class

Release v2 transfer details

Player Attrition: Turnover Overview

Team Roster Turnover by Position

  • Total Outgoing vs Incoming Players
  • Breakdown by Position

Release v2 turnover overview

JUCO Pipeline Dashboard 

Every JUCO school and what division players moved to

  • Overall Players
  • Division
  • Win / Loss
  • Drill down to schools

Release v2 JUCO pipeline dashboard

JUCO Pipeline

Number of Players at 4 years Schools

  • States Transferred to
  • Divisions Transferred to

Release v2 JUCO pipeline

JUCO Pipeline Details

Position and Division, Detailed insights for player by name

  • Graph:
    • Position
    • 4 year Division (e.g) NCAA-D1, D2, D3, etc.
  • Player Detail Chart:
    • Player Name
    • Transfer to School
    • Division
    • Conference
    • Position
    • Graduation Class

Release v2JUCO pipeline details

Team Roster Insights

Head Coach Label Upgrade

  • Name of Head Coach
  • Link to coaching staff website

Release v2 team roster head coach